U.S. Patent Issued to LifeWIRE Corp

Patent affirms uniqueness of LifeWIRE’s cloud-based mHealth communication engine. RICHMOND, VA / PRWeb / September 29, 2015 – LifeWIRE Corp. is pleased to announce that it was issued United States Patent Office Patent No: 9,144,381 for “MOBILE SELF-MANAGEMENT COMPLIANCE AND NOTIFICATION METHOD, SYSTEM AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT”. LifeWIRE provides a cloud-based communications engine enabling continuous, two-way dialogue, data collection and insight between providers and their clients/patie...
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LifeWIRE radioblog on "Health Innovation"

Howard Rosen (LifeWIRE, CEO) was interviewed for "This Week In Health Innovation" In this exchange, Douglas Goldstein @eFuturist catches up with President/CEO Howard Rosen (aka @LifeWireConnect) of LifeWire. Produced by Gregg Masters @2healthguru for lHealth Innovation Media.
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LifeWIRE Featured in The Journal of mHealth

LifeWIRE Featured in The Journal of mHealth  in an in depth interview, titled "LifeWIRE: The Science & Art of Communication", Howard Rosen was interviewed as part of the Journal's series of profiles of select companies comprising the Global Digital Health 100: "LifeWIRE’s interactive communications platform facilitates dialogue between patients and their treatment teams which has proven essential to patient compliance and improved clinica...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About LifeWIRE What were the primary objectives when developing the LifeWIRE solution? LifeWIRE began by our focusing on the science and the art of communication. We knew we needed to create a dialogue between Providers and Patients that was engaging, efficient and effective where the technology (the “science”) was “invisible”, but at the same time dynamically customizable for the patient using their desired communication media and language (the “art”). We were ...
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The Art & Science of LifeWIRE being taught at Carnegie Mellon University

Starting this Spring term, Prof Rema Padman PhD, (Heinz College CMU) and Howard Rosen MBA, D.Phil-c (CEO, LifeWIRE) have been advising on an independent study course is to enable students to derive knowledge and insight into clinical and economic value of a cloud based communication OS such as LifeWIRE. They are exploring interventions, data analysis, and population health management via review of mobile technology, associated data analytics, hands-on exposure to the LifeWIRE platform, and discu...
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Recent Speaking Engagements

Capitol Hill in September - E-Health Policy Showcase on Capitol Hill.
Capitol Hill July 9th - Health Information Technology Advances in Military Medicine and Veterans Health Care: Research and Development Meets Fielded. It highlighted some communications technology tools that can greatly improve administrative and clinical processes.
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What is LifeWIRE?

LifeWIRE is much more than an mobile messaging service; the platform provides an interactive dialogue that supports compliance and quantitatively drives wellness behavior. The LifeWIRE platform can communicate via SMS, email and interactive voice recognition (IVR). LifeWIRE has become the gold standard of digital compliance in the US.

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