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Industry Veteran Mike Braham Joins Senior Ranks of Innovative mHealth Company LifeWIRE

LifeWIRE Corp. is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael W. Braham as its Chief Growth Officer. LifeWIRE provides a patented, cloud-based communications platform enabling continuous, two-way dialogue, data collection and insight between providers and their clients/patients in healthcare without the need for any specialized equipment or software.

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Howard Rosen Interview with Doug Goldsteing for HIMSS 2017 Live

In this interview exchange Health Innovation Media co-host Douglas Goldstein engages LifeWIRE CEO Howard Rosen in a discussion of the value proposition of messaging in health outcomes

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Howard Rosen Speaking at VASPI Conference in DC Sept 9/10 2016

Howard Rosen (CEO, LifeWIRE) is honored to be speaking at the Veterans Affairs Suicide Prevention Innovations conference (#VASPI) next week in DC (Sept 9/10).  To honor the 1-year anniversary of World Suicide Prevention Day, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration is hosting Veterans Affairs Suicide Prevention Innovations (VASPI) on September 9th and 10th — a 2-day data-driven, public-private collaborative event. Joining a community of experts from industry, academia, and other government agencies to team-up and collaboratively problem-solve Veteran suicide

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JUST IN: Patent now in US AND Canada on IP which our communication platform is based

JUST IN: Patent now in US AND Canada on IP which our communication platform is based. Term= 2006/2028 (US) and 2006/2028 (Canada)#LifeWIRE

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How Cloud-based Platform LifeWIRE is Becoming a Critical Lifeline for Homeless Vets

Richmond, Virginia-based LifeWIRE is working to address this problem (of Veteran homelessness) through its cloud-based communication platform. LifeWIRE creates a virtual support team of case managers, pharmacists, and clinicians for homeless veterans. Support teams can check in on homeless veterans via text message, allowing the vets to get help without having to interact directly with an authority figure.

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Outreach & Empowerment: Helping Homeless Veterans

Homeless Veterans require a balanced psychosocial environment to make substantive social change.  This requires a coordinated effort to supply secure housing, nutritional meals, basic physical health care, substance abuse care and aftercare, mental health counseling, personal development and empowerment. Specific to employment, veterans need specialized assistance bridging their military skills with civilian job assessments, training, and placement.  Ironically, most of these services are currently funded and available, but remain invisible to the Veteran who is most in need. With over 3,500 insights from working with the Veteran population, LifeWIRE has looked to address the problem with our clients by addressing the problem by connecting the veteran back to the community of care creating the conditions that will help the Vet return to a productive life.

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@LifeWIREconect chats with #SPSM about monitoring data “fingerprints,”

Howard Rosen returned to #SPSM to chat about updates to LifeWIRE, on 6/12/16. LifeWIRE has expanded the functionality of service to incorporate more kinds of health data, and to adapt the way the data is analyzed, to that each individual’s data can be looked at in a more unique, and clinically actionable way.

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Howard Rosen (LifeWIRE CEO) speaking at TIA 2016 on "Guess Who Is Dining On Your Data" in Dallas on June 7

Healthcare, farming, retail, energy, automotive, and banking are some of the verticals using big data to facilitate, streamline, and automate operations. However: How do we balance data security with accessibility? How can companies make consumers feel safe and stay engaged while sharing their data in this time of continual database breaches? How can machine based IoT platforms and applications securely share, capture, manage and utilize the data they access? Join industry experts as they explore the delicate balancing of cyber security, technology innovation, and end user experience surrounding big data.

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LifeWIRE Insights: Substance Use and Outreach

As an invaluable aid for the Substance Use (“SU”) population, participants, whether case managers, schedulers, pharmacy, or clinicians are looking to build a ‘virtual relationship’ with their treatment populations.  The ‘anonymous relationship’ is key to success with SU population.  This facilitates a relationship where the client can have multiple interactive conversations with the treatment team, and address issues about recovery without having to deal directly with a clinician. 

The LifeWIRE communication platform assists care professionals in managing both residential and non-residential patients with a number of behavioral and mental health affectations, including SU.  LifeWIRE has been implemented in applications where the SU was comorbid with another affectation such as PTSD or High Risk Suicide. As an organization, we listen carefully to those we serve. The LifeWIRE platform benefits from over 3,500 client and patient insights. We highlight below a few of these key insights directly related to substance use populations

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This week on "Pop Health Week" Podcast - Howard Rosen (CEO, LifeWIRE)

Howard Rosen was this week's guest on Pop Health Week podcast hosted by Fred Goldstein and Gregg Masters discussing some of the work LifeWIRE is doing in the population health space. Click on here and enjoy the show

Join Fred and Gregg as they talk with Howard about the work LIfeWIRE is doing in the population health space.


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