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Escalate the Exceptions

LifeWIRE provides a patented, secure, cloud-based communications engine that automates a continuous, two way dialogue between service providers and their customers. The resulting exchanges are tracked for advanced analytics that improve future service, gain more customer insights, predict trends, and reduce costs.


From a Veteran when asked about value of LifeWIRE:

"What does LifeWIRE mean to me? All I can tell you I have been using LifeWIRE for over 12 months and I am still here, while some of my buddies who didn't aren't"

Dr Kate Comtois & Dr. Amanda Kerbrat, University of Washington:

"We are thrilled with the system- just thrilled. At this point I can absolutely say it is far superior to the system we were on previously, hands down. Thanks so much to your team for making this happen! ."

From a client using LifeWIRE for PTSD management:

"LifeWIRE is an invaluable asset, it (is) a vital part of after-care plans for our Veterans and service members"

From a client/case worker using LifeWIRE for mental health management:

"What a privilege it was to be a part of bringing Lifewire to the Veterans and their recovery. It has been such a great tool and program to help facilitate and watch how the Veterans embrace it and benefit from the messages. Feeling connected to supports can be difficult for our Vets, but this has been a great tool to help bridge that gap and it’s just been great to be a part of it."

In Conversation...


The Science & Art of Health Communication 



In the health and wellness environment, LifeWIRE automates communication protocols between clinicians and patients and is particularly effective for behavioral issues such as high risk suicide, PTSD and substance abuse as well as for post-operative care, maternal care, wellness and follow-up.

LifeWIRE Cloud

A secure cloud-based interactive software solution that creates connectivity with, and is responsive to, multiple intake and access points. The platform engages with an end user, such as a patient, through their mobile phones through automated, pre- programmed managed exchanges which assist the patient in achieving their intended outcomes.  Responses can be free form or controlled to measure status and when responses fall outside established parameters, 3rd party notification is automatically triggered by the system.

LifeWIRE Outreach

It's About Outreach and Outcomes

LifeWIRE is much more than a mobile messaging service; the platform provides an interactive dialogue that supports compliance and quantitatively drives wellness behavior. The LifeWIRE platform can communicate via SMS, email and interactive voice recognition (IVR). LifeWIRE, which is HIPAA compliant and ePRO validated, has become the gold standard of digital compliance. From outreach to care management to formal research LifeWIRE provides outcome-driven, cost effective means of delivering FDA audit standard data and real-time results.


Please feel free to take LifeWIRE for a spin from the users (being a patients) perspective. More specifically, from your mobile device:

Text “demo” to “59937" for a demonstration and insight of the platform; and/or

Text  “safe” to “59937” for a demonstration on homeless outreach; and/or

Text “maps” to “59937” for a demonstration on a military resiliency assessment

(If you are in Canada, use short code "121212")

(message & data rates may apply)

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The LifeWIRE service allows for:

  • Electronic record keeping that allows for database integration. Allows for date stamp and time stamp. Scheduling for specific date/time.
  • Flexible channel management, allowing care provider to notify them via SMS, email or IVR. Messaging to one or multiple patients.
  • Intelligent response management, allowing the platform to send messaging an appropriate follow-up to the person.
  • Industry validated accountability. LifeWIRE has had a number of studies presented and peer reviewed.
  • LifeWIRE is ePRO validated to US Federal Drug Administration audit standards which has validated its messaging and responses to satisfy security/privacy issues and that the mobile messages, responses and database are considered the same as paper records and signatures.

With LifeWIRE, its engagement first, technology follows

  • Instantly available, on any mobile device, everywhere
  • Clinicians can easily create interactions in real time
  • 100% accountability as non-responses are monitored and considered as part of the response set
  • Users require minimal effort through LifeWIRE`s `one click` response protocols
  • Highly interactive: patient assistance can be easily triggered to directly notify clinicians and care managers  support network of friends and family or whomever they wish to include
  • Rich data sets for continuous performance evaluation

Partners and Clients

LifeWIRE has continuous engagements with a growing list of research centres from universities like Carnegie Mellon to medical research centres like Sunnybrook Health Services to partner KAI Research. LifeWIRE clients include Beacon Health Options (formerly Value Options), the US Coast Guard, Military OneSource and the US Veterans’ Administration. and many other leading global players in enterprise communications and leaders in health management.

Industry Recognition

  • wbt Innovation Marketplace LogoWorlds Best Technology (WBT) 2010
  • The Computerworld Honors Program LogoComputer World Honors Laureate 2013 & 2011
  • mHealth Alliance LogomHealth Alliance TOP 11 in 2011 Innovators Finalist
  • The Rockefeller Foundation LogoTop 100 “100 Innovators of the Next Century” (2013)
  • United Nations Foundation Logo