Case Studies

We are very pleased to have been involved, and continue to be involved, in studies and white papers on patient engagement. Outlined below are some of those studies and papers that have been completed and available for public review and comment:


This 2012 peer reviewed study with Vets 
suffering from PTSD was LifeWIRE's
first regarding the use of mobile messaging
as an engagement strategy

iHT2 Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Patient Engagement

An IHT2 publication of a paper
co-authored by LifeWIRE
about key factors in a Patient
Engagement strategy

LifeWIRE Clinical Interface

A LifeWIRE white paper
on predictive modelling based
based on data collected through
LifeWIRE interactions

mHIMSS Roadmap 2012

Co-Authored the mHIMSS
Roadmap to provides guidance
on the adoption of mobile and
mHealth devices

Taking Ontario Mobile Jan 2013

Co-Investigated Taking Ontario
Mobile which looked at current
position, challenges and proposed
an action plan with up five-year
deliverables against which to

VA - High Risk Suicidal

Veterans Administration
presentation on the use of
LifeWIRE supporting Vets
at high risk suicidal