LifeWIRE Introduces Free Service to Automate COVID Symptom Assessment for Employees

The rapid spread and continuance of COVID-19 and its variants has caused significant disruption for businesses of all sizes. Requirements for vaccination, quarantine, boosters, and workplace safety are evolving, and it is difficult for most organizations to keep up with the latest requirements. Employees are resigning at record rates, “The Great Resignation”, making productivity and team building a challenge. All compounding the issue of human resources management through the pandemic.


With all the challenges business are facing related to COVID, a safe working environment has proven to be a crucial piece of the puzzle for keeping employees and attracting new talent. Preventing the spread of COVID-19 within a company’s employee base has become critical for ensuring employee safety, performance, and business continuity.


A key feature of any plan to prevent the spread of COVID is to identify employees that may have COVID before entering the workplace to help isolate them from healthy employees. Working with employer specific protocols, LifeWIRE has developed a solution to streamline the task of identifying employees that are likely sick to help limit the spread of COVID within a workplace.


Best of all, LifeWIRE has made their solution to assess COVID symptoms FREE of charge!


Automating COVID Symptom Assessment

Employers have been using a variety of approaches to identify employees that have COVID symptoms. These ad hoc methods often involve employees coming into work to report symptoms to their manager. This approach puts healthy employees at risk of infection, and organizations at risk of reducing service, or even close their doors, while employees recover.


LifeWIRE allows employees to report their condition remotely by automating daily outreach before employees travel to the workplace, using employer protocols, to remove the guesswork from deciding whether the employee should isolate. This method avoids scenarios where potentially sick employees have physical access to those that are healthy. Some employees will undoubtedly get COVID, but the LifeWIRE assessment tool minimizes the chance of spreading it to others within the workplace.


How It Works

Employees of organizations using LifeWIRE will receive a few short questions securely, each day, to assess their symptoms. Each employee will immediately receive a notification as to whether they should isolate based on their responses and employer protocols. These responses are immediately reported to organization management so action can be taken to ensure business continuity.


Employees are not required to install an app, or create any type of account, to use LifeWIRE, making the experience frictionless.


Try It Now!

Getting started is easy! Organizations of any size can take advantage of LifeWIRE free of charge by simply visiting to sign up. The enrollment process is seamless, and only takes two minutes to get started!



Whether your organization has 100,000 employees or 20, it is critical to ensure the safety of your workforce. LifeWIRE can support your effort to prevent COVID from spreading through your workplace by automating the task of routinely connecting with employees to assess their status.



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