Mission is Possible: Patient Care Anytime, Anywhere

Mission is Possible: Patient Care Anytime, Anywhere

After man landed on the moon, the unimaginable proved to be possible. So finding the cure for cancer may not be far behind.


Breakthroughs happen when man believes he can. Reaching for the stars is the mindset on which entrepreneurs and innovators thrive. StartUp Health is investing in, and collaborating with, transformative entrepreneurs around the world on a mission to achieve the impossible: solve the world’s biggest health challenges.


LifeWIRE, together with other health transformers, is taking “a shot at the moon” to improve the health and well-being of everyone in the world. We are delivering three of the 11 health moonshots. 


The first health moonshot is Access to Care. LifeWIRE is going beyond geographical barriers and empowering the health provider community to deliver care and engage all patients on any device, anytime, anywhere. 


Access to care as a health goal is met by LifeWIRE’s patented communication platform that helps clinicians deliver quality care, by generating qualitative and quantitative data for better health insight, AI predictive modelling and a more holistic view of the patient. 


By automating patient engagement and connecting the patient with the care team, we help our clients provide better healthcare and avoid adverse health events.

To improve health population management or fixed-communication programs. LifeWIRE’s moonshot approach is taking it further - personalized patient care, where the dialogue with healthcare providers is patient-driven, and engagement is patient-centric and patient-led. 

Another health target where we provide solutions is the Mental Health and Happiness Moonshot


With our PTSD treatment, we help clients prevent successful suicide and enable providers or other stakeholders to review the patient’s information to communicate, intervene, and adapt treatment accordingly. 


Use cases of LifeWIRE solutions for personalized patient care to deliver quality health interventions before a problem occurs continue to grow and show tangible results.


Another population most vulnerable to depression and loneliness - the elderly. The key to their well-being is connecting them to their care providers through the platform, or obtaining their data and patient information from “off-the-shelf” wearable technology. 


Using clients protocols, LifeWIRE can monitor their sleep and activity patterns, or track changes in the data and can automate connection with the care team for help, support, education, and trigger interventions. 

Then there is the Addiction Moonshot that targets to end the opioid epidemic. The moonshot calls for a collaboration to fight opioid abuse, and this includes deploying tech strategies to combat the crisis. LifeWIRE has joined this war. 


With its virtual conversations with the patient at home, LifeWIRE can help manage their transitions to over-the-counter medications for pain. This is critical to reducing addiction. Tech driven solutions like LifeWIRE can monitor compliance with opioid prescription guidelines, physician adherence to treatment protocols; and improve overall safety. 


LifeWIRE’s innovation in communicating care has transformed patient care by improving access between professional and patient, increasing both quality of care and safety. 


If one technology platform can deliver many health moonshots, imagine what the collaboration of health transformers, innovators and entrepreneurs can do. The mission to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in the world is possible.



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