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Enabling Payers and Providers to Manage
More Patients, Deliver Better Care Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device
LifeWIRE has reduced depression re-admissions from 10.75% to 0%
LifeWIRE has reduced substance abuse relapse rates from 30% to 13%
LifeWIRE increased my clinician to patient ratio from 1:25 to 1:150
LifeWIRE gives me personalized care by text, email, wearables, apps, or however I choose
What is LifeWIRE?
A patented communication platform designed for population management to empower healthcare providers to have on-going patient contact and insight through personalized, automated remote dialogue

Population monitoring, media chosen by the patient, whether text, voice, email, app, wearables and more


Enables personalized communication with any and all members of a client population

Manages & tracks insights and activity to improve care

Cloud based, secure, HIPAA Compliant
HealthCare Providers
  • Automates routine protocols, follow-up, feedback, outreach, quality of care
  • Enables management of 100,000 patients/clients as easily as 1
  • Immediately responsive to
    patient needs
  • Dramatically increase efficiencies,
    reduces costs
  • Use your existing
    workflows or protocols
  • Responsive to responses-based rules created by Provider and Patient
  • Fits into your framework
  • Personalized and relevant dialogue for the individual and their specific needs
  • No barriers as you communicate in any mode you choose such as email, text, IVRS and wearables
  • You choose when, where, how, what is communicated to whom
  • Provides outreach to peer support such as care team, loved ones, buddies
  • Can respond however desired such as with assessment, call-to-action, information, weblinks, video or warm hand-off to care manager
  • A non-response is a response

How HealthCare Providers
are Using LifeWIRE

Veteran's Administration Hospital

Using LifeWIRE to help provide care for PTSD patients, keeping in contact wherever they happen to be, following up, and outreach as a vital part of after care plans for veterans and service members

As a graphic representation, the interactions are with the Cloud and only on specific occasions is it direct/live as outlined below

Saved $1.37M in admissions cost vs. less than $13,000 in LifeWIRE
fees providing access to 38 more vets (in a 150- bed unit)

Text "maps" to "59937" for a demo of a military resiliency self-assessment

(standard message and data rates may apply)

Maternity Care

Using LifeWIRE to help provide support and insight for pre/post natal care

As a graphic representation, the interactions are with the Cloud and only on specific occasions is it direct/live as outlined below

A facility was able to increase efficiencies and effectiveness
increasing their clinician to vet ratio from 1:25 to 1:125
Enhancing Messaging with Wearables & Devices
Using LifeWIRE to collect quantitative data from wearables and
qualitative data from message interactions
By comparing information from the wearable and comparing
to a patient's answer and perhaps a 3rd party, providers can get better insight and manage situations before they become more acute
Watch How LifeWIRE Works... Text "DEMO" to 59937
In Canada Text "DEMO" to 647-503-0510

(standard message and data rates may apply)

Outcomes, Results & ROI
In a depression management study, the control group experienced a 10.75% re-admission and no one was re-admitted in the LifeWIRE Group
A VA Hospital saved approx. $1.37M in re-admission costs providing access for 38 more veterans in a 150 bed unit
In a head to head comparison with a call center, LifeWIRE population experienced completion of 100 assessments in approximately 2 hours versus 172 hours for the call center
A maternal care program improved outcomes and increase clinician to veteran efficiencies from a ratio of 1:25 to 1:125
Veterans suffering from PTSD experienced 32% fewer re-admissions
Substance Use relapse was reduced from 30% to 13%


What does LifeWIRE mean to me? All I can tell you I have been using LifeWIRE for over 12 months and I am still here, while some of my buddies who didn't aren't.

From a Veteran when asked about value of LifeWIRE

We are thrilled with the system- just thrilled. At this point I can absolutely say it is far superior to the system we were on previously, hands down. Thanks so much to your team for making this happen!

Dr Kate Comtois & Dr. Amanda Kerbrat, University of Washington

LifeWIRE is an invaluable asset, it (is) a vital part of after-care plans for our Veterans and service members.

From a client using LifeWIRE for PTSD management

What a privilege it was to be a part of bringing Lifewire to the Veterans and their recovery. It has been such a great tool and program to help facilitate and watch how the Veterans embrace it and benefit from the messages. Feeling connected to supports can be difficult for our Vets, but this has been a great tool to help bridge that gap and it’s just been great to be a part of it.

From a client/case worker using LifeWIRE for mental health management
QHow does LifeWIRE make it as easy to manage 500,000 patients as 1 patient?
AThrough its Administration Platform and/or API with clients, patients can be uploaded onto the platform automatically initiating on boarding using rule sets and interactions crested by cur clients.
QHow does LifeWiRE help improve care?
ABy having continuous dialogue between patients and clinicians, providers are better able to discern who of their population are the 8% of patients who need help "today".
QIs it Secure, HIPAA Compliant?
ALieWIRE is HIPAA compliant, ePRO validated (under FDA Auidt Rules) and approved for use in the Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, Health & Human Services to name a few.
QWill it Integrate with our current EHR, systems, and protocols?

LifeWIRE has been designed to integrate with 3rd party care management and electronic health systems, whether as a standalone service outside through an API or fully integrated within a clients firewall.

QWhat equipment is needed?

Whatever the patient has. LifeWIRE is designed to work on the native applications of any mobile device, tablet or computer. So they can use any device without the need for any software.

QDoes it Require Training?
ATraining of users usually takes less than a day through our training staff, webinars and online training tool. LifeWIRE does provide one day onsite, train the trainer certification program for larger organizations.
QHow long will it take to setup LifeWIRE with my organization?

Set-up of LifeWIRE can be done within a couple of weeks. The only limitations are from the client side as they fine tune existing workflows and protocols on the platform.

QCan a Patient initiate interactions?
AYes, LifeWIRE was designed to be clinician or patient facing where through the use of keywords, patients can initiate self assessment or outreach from wherever they are.
QDoes a Patient have to go online to use this?
ANo, patients can communicate however they wish whether email, text/SMS, IVRS, instant messager, App, wearable, or call center to name a few.
Partners and Clients
LifeWIRE clients and partners are across the spectrum in both the federal and commercial sectors such as US Veterans’ Administration, Health & Human Services, other Federal Departments, behavioral health companies, and companies such as East Carolina Anesthesiology Associates, AT&T and many other leading global players in enterprise communications and leaders in health management.

Industry Recognition